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'Don't blame us for trash in the river': construction company

Image of newspaper article about construction company and debris in Speed River
An article in which construction company Armbro Construction discusses construction debris found in Speed River at Hanlon Expressway overpass.

19th Annual Speed River Clean-up a Success!
A media release from OPIRG Guelph regarding the success of the 19th Annual Speed River Clean Up

Caring for Our Rivers: 20 Years
OPIRG's prepared institutional pamphlet to describe the then twenty year history of the Speed River Project and Clean Up.

Community Appreciation Night - 1998 Report

13 page report on the 1998 community appreciation night held by OPIRG Guelph.
A report on the details of the 1998 community appreciation night, during which OPIRG-Guelph volunteers and other members of the community were recognized.

Ferrari honoured for his years looking out for environment
An article regarding Evan Ferrari winning the Bonnie McCallum Environmental Award as then offered by OPIRG Guelph

Garbage Under Hanlon Bridge
A letter to the editor which responds to the writer's experiences at the 19th Annual Speed River Clean Up and remarks on the sorry state of garbage then under the Hanlon Bridge.

IN YOUR INTEREST: Environment Week 1998 Edition
An issue of OPIRG Guelph's then-newsletter devoted to issues relating to Environment Week, the Bonnie McCallum Award, and the City of Guelph's Green Plan.

Letter from City of Guelph, Director of Finance to OPIRG Guelph
Correspondence regarding a meeting of The City of Guelph's Community Services Committee regarding the
appropriation of grant funds on 23 April 1998 and OPIRG Guelph's success in gaining a grant of $500.00